The Rye Arts Center, in collaboration with The Rotary Club of Rye, announced the unveiling of “Rye’sAbove,” the annual captivating public art project and fundraiser, on May 15. The unveiling event, which will take place on the Village Green in Rye, promises to be a spectacular celebration of creativity and community spirit.


Rye’sAbove: A Transformational Public Art Project: Rye’sAbove is a collaborative initiative led by The Rotary Club of Rye and The Rye Arts Center, aimed at uplifting the community through the arts while supporting educational programs in the region. This innovative project invites artists to contribute to creativity that serves as a catalyst for metamorphosis within our community.


The project will feature large and medium-sized aluminum butterflies, as well as small steel butterflies, which participating artists will transform into unique works of art.


These mesmerizing sculptures will be displayed throughout the summer, beginning in mid-May 2024, in various locations across Rye. The highlight of the initiative will be an auction in the fall, where these extraordinary butterflies will be available for purchase.


Supporting Education and Scholarships: Net proceeds from the auction and sponsorships for Rye’sAbove will be dedicated to supporting educational programs and scholarships for students in the local area. The project aims to foster artistic expression and contribute to the growth and development of the community’s cultural landscape.


Call for Artists: The Rye Arts Center is seeking artists to participate in this community art project! Visit www.ryeartcenter/org/ryes-above to submit your proposal and find detailed information about the project and its requirements. Join our artistic community and a public art project that directly supports those in need.


Save the Date: Unveiling Ceremony: May 15, 11 a.m., Rye Village Green, located outside the Rye Public Library. Fall Auction: Opens May 15 and closes September 19 at 6:00 p.m.


For more information, artists are encouraged to visit www.ryeartscenter.org or contact Lily Fitzgerald at lily@ryeartscenter.org.


About Rye’sAbove: Rye’sAbove is a collaborative public art project and fundraiser led by The Rotary Club of Rye and The Rye Arts Center, which is dedicated to enhancing the community through the transformative power of art. Join in creating a cocoon of beauty and creativity that fosters positive change.


Join in this extraordinary venture as we transform the community through art, promote creativity, and invest in the future of our students.

For more information, contact Lauren Emerson,  Marketing Coordinator, at 914-967-0700, ext. 26.